book donors

Hundreds of classrooms in Africa have been transformed into vibrant learning environments because of book donors, like you!.  To date, more than 100,000 students have found a productive direction for their lives, thanks to people like you, who have provided monetary donations. Shipping in cargo load quantities is expensive.  It takes generous funding to arrange shipping from Chicago all the way to the African villages, schools and libraries. A container holding about 20,000 books and other educational materials is sent to ten African schools at a time. The container moves from our warehouse to those schools thanks to generous donors who believe in the mission and effectiveness of Bookfriends.  Learn more about our process.

“I am a 14-yr-old student at Notre Dame High School and we are finding the environment of our school so very ‘alive’ because of the books which have been given to us through your generous efforts. You have shown to us what the word “friend” means when Bookfriends gave us these fine materials! We thank you with joyful hearts.” –Harriet,Masaka, Uganda

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