Book Donations

What Type of Book Donations Do We Accept?

We accept books written only in the ENGLISH language for Middle School ages and up.

Educational Materials in the following subjects:

  • Science (General or specific topics)
  • Math
  • English (Usage, Grammar, Spelling and Speech)
  • World History
  • World Geography
  • Business (Accounting, Economics, Statistics, etc.)
  • Health/Career/How to books
  • Fine Arts (Music, Art History and related topics)
  • Creative Arts (sewing, arts and crafts, painting, drawing)
  • Agriculture
  • Woodworking/Industrial Arts

Library Resource Items:

  • Thesauruses
  • Encyclopedias (2005 to current)
  • National Geographic Magazines (any year)

Reading Books

  • Fiction and Non-fiction books appropriate for Middle School and High School aged students.
  • Biographies of a current/relevant nature (NO political or old TV stars, religious figures, etc.)

Topics we cannot accept:

  • Books of elementary/primary levels (both text and library)
  • Foreign Language materials
  • Religious materials
  • Witchcraft, wizard and ghost topics
  • Romance novels
  • American History (including: Wars, Slavery, etc.)
  • Political views
  • American holidays (Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving, etc.)
  • Magazines and Newspapers (Excluding National Geographic)
  • Fiction which may be very graphic or inappropriate for Middle or High School readers
  • Books which may have gotten wet, are moldy, heavily damaged or are written in

Partner Donations

Bookfriends invites middle schools, high schools and libraries to contact us regarding their book replacement policy.  Becoming our partner helps us fulfill the mission of providing books to secondary schools in Africa where they are most needed.

Individual Donations

Individual and family book donations continue to be a very important contributor to our supply of books.

Your Book Donations

Your book donations are processed, packed and shipped to schools where the need is greatest, to provide hope to students and teachers for a better future.

Publishers and Book Stores

We accept overstock and clearance book donations that are appropriate for secondary school age students. This includes books for American grades 5 to 12.

If you are able to partner with Bookfriends, please contact us so we can make arrangements to contact you for more details.  And remember, before discarding used books please think of Bookfriends.

Why we don’t send computers to Africa

A commonly asked question is: “Why don’t you send computers to African schools?”. The recipient schools do not have an adequate supply of electricity. Lack of maintenance of the computers and theft are issues. Also, most of our schools do not have Internet access.