What We Do

Bookfriends gives real and substantial opportunities to African youth to become self-sustaining and contributing citizens of a better world

Bookfriends International gathers and ships thousands of well-chosen books and other essentials in container-load quantities to schools and libraries in Africa.

Bookfriends provides children and their educators and librarians in Africa hope for the future. Education is the key, and each book we donate is very much like casting pebbles into a still pond: the ripples created by each book received, create also the awakening of a young mind! WHAT a precious thing!
There are very few things we can do to give children hope for their future. A book can have a huge impact.

Bookfriends is doing a wonderful thing in gathering books from our American schools and shipping them to students in other parts of the world where they do not have libraries or textbooks and reading books in their schools. I just wonder how my counterparts across the world can possibly be educated when they have no books from which to learn about themselves, or about the world and how they can fit into it?!

8th grade student, Quest Academy, Palatine, IL