Why Books?

Books in the English language on the following subjects are particularly desirable:


  • Science (General or specific)
  • Math
  • English (Usage, Grammar and Speech)
  • World History
  • World Geography
  • Economics/Business
  • Health/Career/How to
  • Fine Arts (Music, Art History and related topics)

Library Resource/Reference

  • Dictionaries
  • Thesauruses
  • Encyclopedias (2002 or later)
  • National Geographics (any year)

Reading Books

Fiction and Non-fiction appropriate for middle school and high school aged students.

Partner Donations

We invite middle schools, secondary schools and libraries to sit down with us regarding their book replacement policy. We welcome partners in helping us fulfil the mission of providing us with books, so we can ship them to where they are most needed.

It takes thousands of books for us to accomplish this goal. Before discarding used books please think of Bookfriends International. Please consider the valued assistance of a monetary donation to ship those books to schools halfway around the world.

Individual Donations

Individual and family book donations continue to be a very important contributor to our supply of books. Individual book donations are processed, packed and shipped to schools where the need is greatest. Your donation helps to provide hope to students and teachers for a better future. Before discarding used books think of Bookfriends International. Please contact us for more information.

Publishers and Book Stores

We are always open to accepting overstock and clearance book donations that are appropriate for secondary school age students. This includes books for American grades 5 to 12. We welcome your donations and support of our mission.

Please contact us for more information.

Why we don’t send computers to Africa

A commonly asked question is: “Why don’t you send computers to African schools?”. The recipient schools do not have an adequate supply of electricity. Lack of maintenance of the computers and theft are issues. Also, most of our schools do not have Internet access.