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Bookfriends International NFP seeks to provide opportunity to secondary school age children in Africa by providing textbooks and library books which are in desperately short supply in their local villages. 

We ship donated new and used books to fill eager students' hands and empty library shelves. Our donated books come from middle schools, high schools, libraries, individuals, book drives, and book publishing companies.  
Pass on a Book
By passing on new and used books, Bookfriends International works to promote global learning exchange and reuse of much needed books. 

BF Quest

Join our Mission

Help us to accelerate our mission by becoming a 'book friend' to students and teachers in Africa. Provide hope by: donating money to cover shipping costs, donating or securing donations of appropriate books, volunteering your time, and/or assisting with fundraising.  Become a 'Book Friend'  

Every dollar given, each hour volunteered, and every book delivered is a vote for a better, more peaceful world.




- Historically speaking, provision of a curriculum and library books for 127 schools since 2006.

- Each 20' container sent to E. Africa holds about 20,000 books and these are distributed to at least 10 secondary schools.

- Our volunteer force has grown through the years and they are led by a team of experienced and dedicated leaders. These capable helpers sort books for appropriateness, repair and prepare books, pack them, and label boxes.

- Schools and libraries in and around Chicago continue to donate books to Bookfriends providing the supply we rely upon for adequate and varied selection to send each recipient school. 

- Two shipping containers (more than 36,000 books), arrived in Tanzania in the first quarter of 2009. They were delivered to another 15 schools, providing resources to 6,700 students and their teachers

- Our warehouse in Wauconda, IL is getting a face-lift for new office space. An area high school freshman is leading the effort for her 4-H project.  She has arranged donations for most of the materials and labor. What a gift to Bookfriends (2009)!!

- Thousands of books have come in from public libraries, schools, book stores and individuals in the first quarter (2010). It has been a busy time for our volunteer sorters.

- A wind-fall: Area school district consolidating its school facilities has donated 13,000+ books to Bookfriends. Volunteers traveled to schools to select appropriate books and pack 280 boxes of books for delivery to our warehouse (Spring 2010).

- A senior citizens condo facility in Lincolnshire donated the funding for the container of books shipped to Tanzania in 2008.  This is a spectacular gift to Bookfriends and to the students in those recipient schools.

- DeKalb High School (IL) donated 10,000 books to Bookfriends as they renovated their library and replaced the old books with new ones, some are E-Books (Winter 2011).

- Thousands of books have been coming from individuals, schools and libraries' public book sales (2012/2013).

- More schools in Uganda are about to receive text books in all disciplines and a library as the container shipped in June from Bookfriends nears the East African port (Summer 2013).  The books arrived August 30, 2013 and recipient schools have come to pick up their books.

- Board members and volunteers have begun informal, in-home meetings to introduce Bookfriends to small groups with a goal to spread the word about our mission and to raise needed funding (2013 Ongoing).

Images of Bookfriends Outreach